About this project

There's a problem around gender disparity in film and video. This project is one attempt to help solve that problem.

Mentorship can be an invaluable resource that leads to professional and personal development. But for women* starting out in film and video, mentors can be difficult to find. Here, accomplished members & friends of KitSplit have volunteered their time to offer free 30-minute coaching sessions for women* looking for mentorship. Whether you’re looking for advice on how to break into the documentary world, how to sell your film, or what camera to buy, this resource is for you!

This project was created by KitSplit, a women-founded company dedicated to democratized access to the tools needed to make great creative work—starting with a focus on camera gear rentals. It was inspired by Women Digital Leaders, a mentorship program for women in journalism created by the awesome Katie Hawkins-Gaar. Want to copy this model for a different industry? Please go for it—Katie even made a handy guide for that!

*We believe that gender is a spectrum, and welcome a plurality of feminine voices including trans, queer and non-binary people.

About KitSplit

KitSplit is making gear rentals more enjoyable and affordable for a huge community of artists and filmmakers. Called “the Airbnb of cameras” by Forbes , No Film School , and Fast Company , our community marketplace connects creative professionals with owners of top notch equipment, including production companies, individuals, and rental houses.

KitSplit saves time and money with a streamlined rental process. Renters can search across thousands of vendors at once, buy shoot insurance on the spot, and order on-demand delivery and pickup. Equipment owners can safely make money renting gear out to vetted and fully insured professionals.

We are building towards a world in which every visual creator can pursue their vision and tell their story, regardless of budget, background, or location. Our mission is to empower creators and help them bring their projects to life. And we're dedicated to bringing people together through a streamlined, enjoyable rental experience that makes the creative process easier and more accessible. Read about our values.

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“Lift Each Other Up” by Libby  VanderPloeg

“Lift Each Other Up” by Libby VanderPloeg